Chaosmos and Chaosmos: The Temple

Created by Joey Vigour

Explore planets to find and protect the most important object in the universe, the Ovoid. The Temple awaits...

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Locking orders June 1st + Preview of new art
11 days ago – Tue, May 26, 2020 at 01:25:20 AM

Hi backers,

I had offered to continue delaying charging for their add-ons. I had no problem waiting much longer but I was surprised to see that approximately 3/4 of survey respondents much prefer to have their cards charged immediately. It's a difficult decision, since if 1/4 of backers don't want to be charged for a while but the other 3/4 do, I want to respect those with financial fears even though they are vastly outnumbered. So I'll just have to handle their requests manually.

We will lock remaining orders on June 1st and charge by June 3rd.

If you need us to hold off charging your card for shipping/add-ons, just message us at the email address (shown at bottom) with subject "HOLD CHARGE" and we'll keep your order from getting locked on June 1st. PLEASE don't message me with these requests, as Halley is handling these manually through the email system.

Those of you who ordered grip mats and base games (only) will start to receive those by June 10th, as we can't ship those until the cards go through. We're still working on the new content for the expansion, which is getting printed later in the year.

Drafts of new cards

Here's some images for more of the new cards. Final color and shading is not complete.

card drafts

Tabletop Simulator Update

We've been playing a lot of Chaosmos on TTS recently. Annoyingly, the new update from 48 hours ago seems to have severely damaged our mod. (The card thickness changed, and it had some ripple effects in the size of the different hidden zones, so cards get hidden in the table.) Hopefully we can get this fixed in the next couple days. I'll announce in the Discord when it is fixed.

Join the Discord channel here.

Ok, things are moving forward. I'll let you know when the rulebook is finished.

-Joey and Halley & team

vigourgames [at] gmail [dot] com

Pandemic Lockdown - Survey and Update!
19 days ago – Sun, May 17, 2020 at 10:15:19 PM

When Should I Charge for Shipping and Add-Ons?

I assume a lot of you are concerned about the next few months because of the pandemic. I had originally offered to delay charging your cards until at least June 1st. Should I delay even longer?

Take the single-question survey!

Playtesting Impact

Playtesting has been impacted a lot by the lockdowns here in Los Angeles. I have a 1200+ person local playtester Meetup group, and there hasn't been a single physical meetup in months. Los Angeles is currently slated to be completely locked down at least another 3 months!!!

ALL of my playtests since funding the project have been online. I haven't played a physical game of Chaosmos since this one back in February.

If you would like to play the expansion, PLEASE join the Discord and join in a game with Tabletop Simulator. I need to be playtesting (and observing playtesting) multiple times per week.

Artist Impact

I have one primary artist, William (who does all the aliens designs), and he is impacted by the pandemic. I also have several other artists who I work with regularly and they are taking much longer to reply to emails than normal. I don't think this will impact the game's release, as I am not planning to go to press until September. It is frustrating but I am trying to be patient - I know a lot of people don't have financial security right now and in some cases have actually lost loved ones to the pandemic.

Drafts of some of the new cards:


Wood Clock Stand - Limited/Collector

Here's the general shape we're thinking of for the Limited Edition clock stand. Remember that if you are a Collector Edition backer from the original Kickstarter, please email me [vigourgames at gmail dot com] with the number on your sleeve and we'll make sure you also get the clock stand. We'll add the clock stand for the old Collector people for a very small packing fee (a few dollars). Current Collector and Limited Edition people already get the clock stand.

We are planning to have the clock stand be compatible with the Event cards - even if you are using the old wood clock from Collector Edition. Basically, there will be a tray for each card, and you'll see a sliver of the card poking out from under the wood clock with the trigger turn highlighted.

Draft only

Turn Guide - New Actions!

Here's the turn guide, which will be on the back of the rulebook along with all the planetary effect tokens.

Personal Update

The lockdowns have allowed me to be very focused and creative. I'm working with Halley on Chaosmos and with a new assistant, Conor, on my other projects, including a documentary and development on my other games.

It's very difficult to be consistently productive on Chaosmos without the momentum of regular in-person playtests, but I'm finishing the rulebook this month and once playtests are complete I can finish the remaining files for everything other than the cards. The new cards are awaiting the updated art. So things are good but I've lost touch with a lot of friends and colleagues in the last couple months. I don't really like email so I'm thinking about doing more video updates instead.

Reach out if you need anything.



Chaosmos Online is LIVE! How to Set it Up!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 01:43:36 AM

Hi folks, playtesting continues in earnest, via the internet. We're on the Tabletop Simulator platform instead of real life right now. I even got to see what it is like to have a player who is wearing a VR headset. "Chaosmos in VR" sounds like the future to me.

Online rules primers, demos, and full games are open!

There's no cost to play if you join our Discord and have Tabletop Simulator already installed. All you have to do is post in the forums your requested session type and timezone. By request, myself or another active member of the server will teach the game to you at a time convenient to you. To set up a quick demo, post in the "Schedule a Rules Primer." If you need more players you can meet them and schedule games on the "Schedule a Casual Game" channel for the Discord server. Note: we don't do tech support! Get your microphone, headphones, Steam, and Tabletop Simulator working prior to your game or demo.

How to Set Up Chaosmos Online - video

I recorded a little monologue explaining the Tabletop Simulator platform. 

Is this is the full expansion or just the base game?

Chaosmos Online has some rough patches but other than some missing art elements and minor balancing, it is the full expanded version of the game. But each part of the expansion is modular so you can take out Events, Favors, extra planets, extra players, new aliens, ally and upgrade abilities, etc. if you wish.

I hope you guys are having a safe and productive week. My grandest thanks to all the backers who worked with me the past two weeks to make this project happen, but especially Junni Saku and Father911.


Tabletop Simulator 50% off! Play Chaosmos online!
2 months ago – Sun, Apr 05, 2020 at 08:08:03 PM

Hi friends,

I hope you are safe and healthy. I've hit the ground running since the pandemic began. All my playtests were canceled and there's a complete lockdown in Los Angeles. So...

Yesterday we ran our first-ever online game of Chaosmos, with the Temple expansion! Thanks again to backers Junni and Father911 for all the scripting and graphics work, and to Jeff, Criddles, and Brian for the four player game. Jeff used a CLAW of KHATUN to steal the Ovoid and I formed an alliance with him and used the Temporal Displacer to take the win! All you need to play is Discord (free), Steam (free), and Tabletop Simulator (50% off).

Tabletop Simulator is 50% off today and tomorrow!

Tabletop Simulator is how a lot of board games are played online, and it is only about $7 to $10 today, depending on your country. It takes about an hour of getting used to, and then you can play almost any tabletop board game online for FREE! Pick it up today!

I'm running one game of Chaosmos (or the expansion) per day this week for hardcore gamers (people who want to learn the game to teach others or begin hosting their own sessions. If you want to come play this week, join the Discord group and post in the "Schedule a Demo" channel. I'll run sessions for players in any timezone; we just need to schedule it.

Join the Chaosmos Discord channel!

Sign up for a free account and ask your rules questions, schedule an online demo game via Tabletop Simulator, and maybe even become a playtester.

Here's me demoing how the cards get automatically dealt into the envelopes!

Okay, that's it!

Please call your friends and family and make sure they are doing ok. As I mentioned in the last post, some copies of the Chaosmos base game and grip mats are still yet to be shipped out, as I only do postal drop-offs once per week due the lockdown. Most backers should not expect their games and expansions until the end of the year.

The expansion and reprint items should not be delayed by the pandemic as long as my factory is up and working at full capacity by August. Until then, see you online!


Chaosmos coming to Tabletop Simulator! Join Discord! Plus, holding off payments.
2 months ago – Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 02:32:34 AM

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing ok. I'm moving the payment date for add-ons and shipping to at least June and not closing the BackerKit pledge manager until mid to late May. Scroll down to see.

"Immediate Shipping" backers - charging Thursday

Some backers paid extra to have their base games and/or grip mats (which are already produced) shipped early. For credit card backers who selected "Immediate Shipping" - I will charge your (complete) shipping and add-on costs this Thursday April 2nd unless you email me (vigourgames at gmail dot com) to request I NOT do so. Most PayPal backers in the USA should already have received their game if they paid for Immediate Shipping. But there's some exceptions due to the pandemic.

Outside the USA: Some of my shipping companies have not responded to my shipping queries, so I am assuming that they have reduced staffing and things will take longer than normal. I'll send an email to those backers when I received a tracking number for them. Please expect it may take a month or even longer as a result of this global issue. I have limited quantities of games in Europe and almost none in Asia right now, so things will simply take time.

Within the USA: I don't leave the house much anymore. I live in California, which has the highest cases of the virus on the west coast of America. We are currently under a lockdown. Within the USA, I've decided to ship games in batches once per week, when I do a grocery run. The post office has a method of allowing me to drop pre-labeled shipments directly at the loading dock so I don't have to venture inside or come in contact with anyone. Shipping in batches also reduces the load on the post office.

If the situation in L.A. does not improve soon then it is likely all shipments from me will cease for a while (except copies of Chaosmos or GROWL that are already in distribution centers). I'll keep you updated and try to keep spirits up if the situation gets worse.

Payment Date for Add-Ons Moved to June 1st.

Out of concern for backers who may have financial concerns due to the virus, I have decided to hold off charging your cards for shipping and add-ons until at least June 1st and closing BackerKit mid to late May. (PayPal people have already paid.) At that date I'll survey backers before charging.

If you want me to instead charge your card now, email vigourgames at gmail dot com and Halley or I will take care of your order manually.

Here's what I have been up to...  

Chaosmos coming to Tabletop Simulator for FREE!

With incredible assistance from backers Junni and Father911, I've converted all of Chaosmos and the expansion into a digital format. It requires Steam, which is a free download platform for games, and Tabletop Simulator, which is well worth the $20 fee, especially during these crazy times.

We start playtests on Friday - join the Discord!

Join the Chaosmos Discord server to follow our progress at converting Chaosmos playtests to an online experience. We hope to solve the bugs this weekend, and then we'll be hosting games for free.

I'll be sending another update with room invites and additional information probably next week. It would be best if interested players download Tabletop Simulator to familiarize yourself with the experience.

Feel free to share the Discord server with your friends who have Tabletop Simulator and when we do our official launch, we'll let you know.